How Teens Can Help During COVID-19

The past few weeks during COVID-19 have been unpredictable, uncertain and filled with changes to our daily lives. School is closed, large events are canceled, hanging out with friends is not an option and a lot of us find ourselves with a huge amount of time to fill. Of course, there are endless movies to watch and books to read, but in times like this many of us feel powerless and want to do something to support our community.

During times of crisis, there are always people looking for ways to help. Like Mister Rogers is famous for saying when asked about how to cope during times of uncertainty, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

Here are some ways you can nurture your community and fill your kindness bucket. Look for one that fits your passions and abilities.

Write a Story

Share your COVID-19 story on the Teen Health and Wellness site. This health education website is asking for essays about personal experiences during COVID-19 and posts the stories for others to read.

Help Medical Research

Play games in the name of science by solving COVID-19 protein folding puzzles on foldit. A science research tool that allows players to come up with new ways of folding proteins and fighting COVID-19.

Support a Non-Profit

Volunteer for a local non-profit like Lifelong who has several ways to help from your home including writing well wishes notes for homebound folks to collecting hygiene supplies for people in need.

Get Creative

Create a Little Free Pantry for your neighborhood that is full of shelf-stable food and supplies. Encourage those in your neighborhood to take what is needed or donate items to help others.

Make homemade masks for yourself and loved ones then give extras to medical workers you know in your community or to hospitals online.

Reach Out

Help isolated seniors in your community feel less alone by writing them a letter, offering to grocery shop, bringing over needed supplies or giving them a call on the phone to say hi.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are lots of other great ways to give back, spread hope and be a helper in your community. Find one you can do and start today.