Have a Very Superstitious Friday the 13th

This Friday the 13th is extra spooky because it's also a full (harvest) moon. In case that isn't spooky enough for you, it's been 13 yearsopens a new window since a full moon has fallen on Friday the 13th! For those who are superstitious, it's a triple whammy. It's Friday the 13th, a full moon, and 13 years since it last happened. What are the roots of these superstitions? How did we come up with this stuff?

Knock on wood, cross your fingers, and hold on to your rabbit's foot. Check out this list of books about superstitions.


Very Superstitious

Explore the origins of some of the most commons superstitions and why we believe them (or not).

Learn the enchanting stories behind the traditions that still permeate our lives today. Find out about more uncommon superstitions, too, like why you should never jump over a child in Turkey.

This is a thorough A-Z guide to superstitions, old and new, of the English-speaking world. It includes their origins, meanings, and different forms. You can also find out how to counteract the most feared superstitions, like getting seven years of bad luck after breaking a mirror.

Renowned superstition expert Stuart Vyse delves into the psychology of superstitions. He explains why and how we humans became superstitious. He distinguishes superstition from paranormal and religious beliefs and identifies the potential benefits of superstition for believers.

To provide some balance, here is a book about good luck superstitions! Discover the quirky rituals practiced by writers, musicians, politicians, scientists, and other influencers. 

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