Fresh Meal Planning Ideas from Online Library Resources

You can use King County Library System digital collections to find inspiration for items in your pantry and freezer to use while under the "Stay at Home" order. (Yes! Our digital collections include nonfiction books and magazines.) This is a great opportunity to learn how to use our digital collections if you haven’t in the past.

eBook Cookbooks

OverDrive is a database that connects library users with our digital collections. What app to use? The blog post, What’s the Difference? OverDrive and Libby Apps helps you to choose the best way to read your eBooks. Once you have borrowed an eBook, you can look through the chapter list, then jump to the section of your interest. 

The New Basics Cookbook

This 950-recipe cookbook covers all sorts of dishes. Take advantage of the eBook format by searching the name of what you have in your kitchen in the search box for inspiration!

Ten Dollar Dinners

Serve exciting, fresh, and tasty meals using everyday ingredients with her 140 recipes and tips. Includes a list of pantry staples.

Cool Beans

A new guide for cooking with the most versatile plant-based protein, with 125 recipes.

Cooking Magazines

OverDrive has a variety of cooking-related magazines. In the Food and Wine genre, you can find Bon Appetit, Clean Eating, Cook's Country, Cook's Illustrated, Food Network Magazine, Taste of Home. Includes current as well as some back issues. Use the tab menu to register, sign in, read the help page, and search. 

Authors, Recipes, and Blogs Search

Melissa Clark, a long-time food columnist for The New York Times and cookbook author, gives us good ideas for cooking with pantry staples. It is simple and efficient to use search engines ( Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc) for current news and information, such as finding her recipes on YouTube or cooking websites. 

Using ProQuest to search for a recipe is easy (while results may not be as robust as Google). In Advanced Search, add keywords and specify document type “recipe” and click full text. If you need to have pictures in recipes like me, a full-text PDF is your friend.

Searching ProQuest for “pantry and recipes,” a couple of blogs stand out.

Award-Winning Recipe Blog shares more than 100 easy pantry friendly recipes specially curated for the COVID-19 crisis. is the winner of 2009 and 2014 Time Magazine 50 best websites. It can suggest what to cook based on the ingredients you have.

Many thanks to essential business workers for supporting us in continuing to cook healthy meals!