Fresh Ideas for Your Farmers Market Haul

As days grow longer and signs of new growth continue popping up in yards and fields throughout the Pacific Northwest, our many farmers markets are beginning to overflow with ripe and colorful foods just waiting to grace our tables. This is such a bountiful time for fresh seasonal foods, and the wide variety of interesting crops grown by local farmers provide much inspiration for creative evening meals, summer cook-outs, outdoor picnics, and vibrant desserts. No matter where you reside, chances are you have a market nearby full of both familiar and unusual fare. Sometimes, the more unique options can be a little intimidating, but they're also often the most fun and delicious to experiment with. So, here are some great books available from your library to help provide inspiration and guidance for making the most of your fresh Farmers Market finds. 

Foraged Flavor

This title offers tips and tricks for foraging and finding your own edible species out in nature, and also shares simple and delicious ways to use some of the more unique ingredients you might encounter at the local market. Ready to tackle cooking with nettles or Fiddlehead ferns? If so, this book is for you!

The Farmers Market Cookbook

Farmers markets are among the best places to find high-quality, diverse, and exciting vegetables and fruits. But the rich array of unusual varieties can be confusing and overwhelming. From detailed produce descriptions to storage tips, preparation techniques, and over two hundred flavorful recipes, The Farmers Market Cookbook has the answer to every prospective locavore's perennial question, "What do I do with this?"

Farmers' Market Desserts

The number of US farmers markets has grown by 20% over the past three years to nearly 5,300 nationwide. This collection of tempting desserts inspired by those markets and the farmers who share their produce there satisfies the sustainable shopper's sweet tooth with more than 50 recipes for tarts, crisps, cupcakes, puddings, and more.

At the Farmers' Market With Kids

From exploring the vibrant booths to selecting produce and tasting the unique flavors each season brings, the farmers market provides a fertile playground for kids and brings families together while building healthy habits and supporting sustainable eating. At the Farmers Market with Kids profiles the fruits and vegetables available at most farmers markets, explaining how to tell which ones are ripe and how to store them. With age-specific tips that cater to children of all ages, plus 65 nutritious and kid-pleasing recipes to put your farmers market spoils to use, this cookbook makes it easy for everyone in the family to eat healthfully and live well.

Hopefully, these titles offer just the motivation you need to get out there and find some exciting new foods to play with. Happy eating, and feel free to share your favorite farm-fresh recipes!