Four Novels About Communication Glitches/Blips/Errors/Surprises

Communication and time travel? Communication faster than the speed of sound? How about general communication enhancement? Take a trip with these novels of mishaps and you maybe grateful for the limitations of conversational methods currently at your disposal!


Imagine having a tiny chip implanted in your brain so that you can instantly exchange thoughts with your loved one – no words needed! Romantic perfection, right? Maybe not!

Also available as an eBook, downloadable audiobook, and on audiobook CD.


A work deadline forces Georgie McCool to send her husband and their children off to Omaha for the holidays while she stays home. This does not help their already faltering relationship. But when she calls him on her mom’s ancient landline phone, it’s like they’re transported back to the beginning of their relationship…

Available in bookeBook, and a great listen as an audiobook CD or downloadable audiobook.

Love and Miss Communication

Texts and emails and Facebook updates are all good… until they aren’t, or until they are taken completely out of your hands. Literally. Evie’s life is going well, until every electronic connection is wiped away in a series of emotionally catastrophic events. Will she survive life, unplugged?

Or listen to the downloadable audiobook.

Keep Me Posted

Although they have had no particular disasters with social media or other forms of electronic communication, sisters Cassie and Sid embark on a year-long experiment in letter-writing. Only letter-writing. The bonds of sisterhood are wonderfully enriched… until a computer glitch causes all their personal messages to be displayed in their entirety on the World Wide Web!

The audiobook CD was great, or there's the eBook.