Fitness to Go eBooks

Finding it difficult to fit a fitness plan into your schedule? Ever wish you could have your exercise regimen at your fingertips? Take your workout with you! Try downloading one of these eBooks that highlight simple fitness routines you can do anytime, anywhere, and get on the fast track to getting fit.

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7 Minutes to Fit

This book serves as an at-home personal trainer for anyone who wants a quick, efficient routine that delivers powerful results. Its 50 high-intensity, interval circuit workouts provide the perfect solution for busy parents, traveling professionals, or time-strapped students.


Learn how to change your health for life by spending just ten minutes a day three times per week with high-intensity (HIT) training. This book is the perfect complement to Dr. Mosley's revolutionary The FastDiet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer With the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting and breaks down the science behind this radically different approach to exercise. The authors offer a range of workouts that take just ten minutes a day!

Thinner in 30

Today Shows' lifestyle and fitness correspondent, Jenna Wolfe, takes her famous 30-Day Fitness Challenge to the next level in her book which gives you all the tools and motivation you need to make thirty small changes that add up to big results. She provides the perfect plan for busy men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Fit by Nature

Forget the gym and expensive equipment. No matter what your fitness level, all you need for this 12-week training program is access to the outdoors and a little inspiration. Check out author John Colver's eight tips to create your own outdoor workout plan and enjoy getting fit in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The Spark

From the experts who created, a popular diet and fitness site, this book outlines the best of what has worked for millions of members who have lost weight, kept it off, and reached other goals. Driven by positive energy and proven results, this program has helped people change their lives beyond the scale.