Feeling Infinite with Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is a contemporary Japanese artist, perhaps best known for her "Infinity Mirror Rooms." Her work is currently on display (through September 10th) in a popular exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Emily Pothast, art critic at The Stranger, writes "The playful accessibility of Kusama's work, paired with its genuine expression of cosmic wonder, has made her one of the most successful and iconic contemporary artists in the world. Infinity Mirrors promises to be a blockbuster exhibition for SAM and one of the must-see experiences of the summer."

You might have seen pictures taken in the infinity rooms taking over your Instagram feed. Maybe you've heard that tickets are hard to get and sell out quickly each day. The first day the tickets went on sale to the public, I spent thirty minutes pressing the refresh button- hoping to complete my transaction before the museum servers crashed again. The interest and excitement for the exhibition literally broke the internet. I finally got my chance to see the work in person this weekend and I can say that (personally) the experience was well worth the wait!

Whether you're excited about your own upcoming visit to the exhibit, still trying to get tickets, or decidedly against standing in lines- you can explore the artist's work through books at your library. If you love art and museums, you might also be excited to know that you can check out free museum passes using your library card.


This memoir tells Kusama's story in her own words- describing the obsessive visions that have haunted her since childhood and how she has channeled those into her creative work. Kusama also shares about the decade she spent in New York City- living in poverty in a freezing loft, developing friendships with art-world figures like Andy Warhol and Georgia O'Keefe and rising to prominence in the avant-garde scene.

Yayoi Kusama

Kusama's iconic Infinity Mirror Rooms are filled with lights and mirrors that reflect endlessly, projecting the illusion of infinite space. This book traces these installations over five decades, revealing the artist's intentions and methods.

Yayoi Kusama

This book documents Kusama's US debut of The Obliteration Room, an all-white room that viewers are invited to cover with dot stickers of various sizes and colors. The book explores the transformation of the space from a clean white interior to a stunningly saturated room, with ceilings, walls, and furniture covered in myriad multicolored stickers put there by viewers over the course of the exhibition.

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