Face Masks: What to Know

Face masks are a current topic of discussion in many media outlets. Our hospitals and medical workers are running low on personal protective equipment, and community members are unsure if they should wear masks during this shortage.

Scientists are now highlighting the safety issues the public face when they do not wear face masks in public. Many studies, such as these published by The Lancet’s Respiratory Medicine Journal and the National Institute of Health, recommend that everyone wears a face mask in public during a viral pandemic. However, the N95 masks should be reserved for our medical workers and first responders.  

One solution to this shortage of masks is making our own masks with the supplies we have available to us at home. Online makers and sewing experts are posting designs for Do-It-Yourself masks that can be made out of everything from reusable grocery bags, needles and thread, pipe-cleaners, and more.  

If you want to make your own mask at home or connect with other makers to mass produce community masks, the following links may be helpful:

Many face mask designs are being refined by experts every day. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on current mask recommendations with your local health advisory and crafting groups.