Download the myLIBRO App and Schedule Your Curbside Holds Pickup

User Guide

For even more details on how to use the myLIBRO app, refer to the Getting Started User Guide, opens a new window

Download the myLIBRO app  

Sign in with your library card number and PIN/password. 

  • iOS, dark mode has a bug and it is difficult to read the "quick tour" screens, please switch to regular to read these.
  • Android

Add a Family Member 

  • Tap the three lines in the top left corner.
  • Tap the Profile menu.  
  • Tap the Add Member button and fill out the account details.
  • Use the arrow button at the top right to switch from your account to another account
  • Be careful with the three dots at the top right, this will delete your account from the myLIBRO app and you'll need to re-register. This will not delete your account with KCLS.  
  • Tap on the account name to remove that account from the myLIBRO app. This will not delete the account with KCLS. 

Schedule a Pickup

 You’ll see the option to schedule when you open the app. If there are holds on another account but not yours, you'll need to switch to their account to get to the Schedule Pickup screen.   

  • Schedule your pickup.  
    • If you have other family members with holds, use the drop-down to change accounts.
    • If you have holds available at multiple pickup libraries, you can use the dropdown to toggle between holds locations.
    • You'll see the covers of all the holds ready for pickup. We've added the date that your hold expires to the cover.
    • Pick your preferred pickup date and time slot. The options shown will change depending on when your holds expire. 
    • Remember to tap the blue 'DONE' button at the bottom of the screen, and Schedule Pickup on the next screen. 
    • If you'd like to request a surprise bag let us know your favorites (kids, mystery, romance) in the Schedule notes box.
    • Scroll down to tap the Schedule Pickup button.
    • You can close the app when you're done. 

See you soon! 

When you're leaving for the library, you'll need to open your appointment.

  • Click on the Schedule Pickup button from the main screen. Tap on your schedule to open it again. Tap the I’m On My Way button. Don't forget to tap the button before you leave. This will alert library staff to pull your items so they are ready when you arrive. 


  • You’ve arrived! If you didn't request a surprise before, you can add a message to request a surprise bag of book titles or if you need accommodation. If not, just tap I’m Here at Library
  • You’re all set! If staff add any instructions, this will add a message to the You’re all set! screen. When you have your holds, tap I’ve Received.
  • Feedback. You can rate the experience and provide feedback. Library staff will be able to view reports so we can improve Curbside to Go. 

Make a Change

  • Go back to the myLIBRO home page and tap on Schedule Pickup
  • My Schedules. You can cancel or reschedule the current reservation. If you've closed the app after you've arrived, select the schedule. This will take them back to the You’re all set! Screen. From here, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • If staff needs to cancel your reservation, you'll see a message in the myLIBRO app. 


What if I'm Late?

Please call the service line number posted at the pickup site or wait in the standby line for assistance. You will need to arrive before the end of the pickup hours.

What if I Don't Pick Up My holds?

Staff will bring your items inside after a reasonable amount of time. Holds that are not picked up by the end of the day will be checked in.