Digital Magazines and Audiobooks Just Got More Accessible

RBdigital users already enjoyed WCAG 2.0opens a new window accessibility support.

  • Integration with a range of third-party accessibility tools. Use RBdigital with tools including JAWS, VoiceOver, and Talkback.
  • Accessibility Help Desk. Report accessibility issues, and get help from, a staff of experts in the field.
  • Reader/Player. Listen to web content read aloud via a built-in player. Text-to-speech functionality is independent of third-party accessibility tools.

The RBdigital websiteopens a new window now supports the latest WCAG 2.1opens a new window accessibility standards.

What's in the new visual toolkit?

The visual toolkit replaces the “reader” in the built-in toolbar. It provides new functionality to help with visual or cognitive challenges.

Adjust text using these tools: 

  • Text Size. Enlarge web copy for improved readability and usability for people with low-vision.
  • Contrast. Improve readability—especially for people with color blindness. You choose the contrast between the background and text colors.
  • Text Spacing. Change the distance between words and lines of text. This improves readability for people with low-vision or people with cognitive and/or learning disabilities.
  • Change Font. Change the font of the text on the page to make it easier to read. This option includes a font intended to assist people with dyslexia.

Customize controls using these tools: 

  • Big Cursor. Enlarge the cursor display for easier tracking. This improves usability for people with low-vision.
  • Keyboard Focus/Highlights. Draw a colorful box around and/or highlight buttons and links. This makes them easier to find and select for people using a visual keyboard.

Increase focus and comprehension using these tools: 

  • Reading Guide. Use the cursor to move a horizontal line like a bookmark to underline sentences as you read.
  • Emphasize. Blur out the majority of the page view with the cursor so you can focus on one line of text at a time.

Each of these features can be used individually or in combination. You pick and choose the features that are right for you.