Curiosity Days: Science of Life

Get ready for Curiosity Days at Pacific Science Center or join in the fun at home with these educational and entertaining books for children and teens. This month, satisfy your curiosity about the Science of Life and talk about it with your family and friends.

Read any of these books on the Science of Life.

Science of Life Picture Books

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Science of Life Books for Children

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Science of Life Books for Teens and Adults

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Talk about these questions after reading.

  1. How can you tell if something is living or non-living? 
  2. What do living things need to survive? 
  3. How do living things cooperate? How do they compete? 
  4. How does modern technology affect living things?
  5. If you were a biologist (someone who studies the science of life) what would you specialize in?

Check out to find Science and Technology activities at your local library and visit Pacific Science Center’s website to learn more about Curiosity Days.