Crafts for Cat Lovers

A stylish gray and white cat wears a pink hat and scarf
A very stylish cat

A year or two ago I decided to make a gift for my cats. I'm aware that cats don't understand the concept of getting presents, but that's never stopped me from showering my kitties with affection in the form of new toys and snacks.

For this particular gift, though, I wanted to make something myself. I ended up going to a pottery painting studio and creating a personalized water dish for them. It's super cute and I get a very dorky thrill every time I see them drinking from it.

Having achieved this artistic success, I would definitely recommend cat-related craft projects as a way to have fun and make something unique for your favorite felines.

To get some ideas and inspiration for your own DIY ventures, take a look at these creative craft books designed specifically for over-enthusiastic cat people.

Cats in Hats

This absurdly cute book provides detailed instructions on how to make cat hats in styles ranging from dinosaur to strawberry. If you're a knitting enthusiast you should definitely make a million of these hats for your kitty pals. Bonus points awarded if you actually get your cat to tolerate wearing any of your creations.

Cat Castles

Any cat person knows that cats love contorting themselves to fit in small spaces. Why not indulge your cats' instincts by building them a cardboard playhouse (or castle or pirate ship or submarine) of their very own? This entertaining book will teach you everything you need to know to make a fun new hideaway for your fluffy friends.

Cattastic Crafts

This book contains inspiration for projects such as homemade cat toys and cat stationary. Each section is accompanied by illustrated instructions that make assembling your creation as easy as possible. If you want some ideas for crafts you can make for both cats and the humans who love them, this is the book for you!

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