Craft-spiration for All!

Recently there has been a large movement in bringing back the art of crafting. From DIY home projects to old-fashioned hobbies like knitting, the world of craft has grown in popularity in recent years inspiring new websites, television shows, and events. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy are solely devoted to helping people sell art, trade ideas, and spark creativity around handmade items. Flea Market Flip is an HGTV show that teaches beginners how to take someone's trash and turn it into newly designed treasures. There are also pop up craft markets all over the country and one of the largest, Urban Craft Uprising, is located in Seattle where their bi-annual shows spotlight over 150 makers selling and teaching a variety of crafts.

With so much excitement surrounding crafting, it's hard not to want to join the movement and find your own DIY passion. There isn't a better time to start than now! Here are some resources that will hopefully inspire and motivate you in finding your inner craft!

Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids

These two books are written by the mother of all things craft, Martha Stewart. The books are colorful and filled with easy to follow step by step instructions for every possible craft you could think of for both adults and kids. Whether you want to try a new craft or need inspiration, Martha is always the first lady to turn to for guidance.

The Handmade Life

Looking to try a craft that not everyone is already doing? Try this hip book, which features over 150 artists and tons of how to instructions for all kinds of lesser known arts including basket weaving, haberdashery, and macrame. This book is sure to make you a trendsetter in whatever craft you choose.

Zakka Style

Zakka means "many things" in Japanese and is used to describe any craft that improves the usefulness or appearance of your home. These 24 projects are sure to brighten up your life and give you utilitarian crafting skills.


For those on a tight budget or not interested in buying all kinds of new equipment to support their new craft, upcycling might be the way to go. Upcyling is the craft of taking used materials, trash or found objects and turning them into new, functional craft pieces. Although some of the projects in this book have hard to find used materials, this book is worth checking out for the inspirational value. The pictures, ideas and techniques are very new and outside the crafting box which is refreshing and energizing.

Do you have other crafting books you turn to when you are hoping to be inspired?