Connecting with Older Adults in a Time of Quarantine

Social isolation is already an issue and now we have extra considerations in the time of COVID-19. Here are some ideas to help your loved ones stay connected.

1. Telephone – don’t forget a good old-fashioned phone call can go a long way toward lifting someone’s spirits. Does your loved one have a smartphone? You might be able to teach them to FaceTime or Skype even if you’re not in the room to point out the buttons. Group conference calls can be set up for no cost at Tip of the day – don’t start your call on the hour or the half-hour; choose a time such as 9:15 to avoid peak phone traffic.

2. Writing cards and letters. Grab those postcards you’ve been saving and mail them to your loved one. “Thinking of you” can go a long way toward helping someone feel loved.

3. Enjoy a live-streamed event or film and talk about it afterward. Many streaming resources (music, movies, ebooks) are available for free via

4. Tell/read them a story. Sometimes folks can’t communicate with us, but we can communicate with them. The sound of your voice is often soothing.

5. Ask questions about deeper issues. “What’s something beautiful today?” doesn’t need long-term memory to function. See for more ideas.

6. When all else fails, hold them in your heart. Even if we can’t hold them in the real world, we can always hold someone in our thoughts.

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