Borrowing Pages Redesign

What You Can Expect

  • faster loading time
  • more consistent design
  • more intuitive to use
  • more accessible
  • easier to use on a tablet or smartphone

Opting In

Anyone can try the new pages. When you go to your My Borrowing pages, or any shelf, you'll see the option to opt into the preview.

You can exit the preview at any time.

If you decide not to preview the new pages or leave the preview, that choice is stored in a cookie and you won't see the message again unless you log in from another computer, another browser, or you clear your browser's cookies.

You can also provide your thoughts about the new pages by clicking Give feedback.


Item Components

The item components for borrowing pages (items on hold, checked out, and borrowing history) display the same information that is displaying on the current borrowing pages.

You'll notice a few changes:

  • the status of an on-hold or checked out item is easier to determine, with text in addition to an icon
  • the date a hold was placed is at the bottom of the display
  • paused on-hold items now display the date the hold was placed
  • action buttons (see below) for pausing, resuming, and canceling holds have replaced links, making these operations easier on mobile devices
  • a button for returning a digital hold
  • an action button has also replaced the Add to Shelf icon

Action Buttons

When an action is initiated (such as a renewal, or canceling a hold) the button acts as a progress indicator. In this case, the button displays a spinner until a feedback message can confirm the success or failure of an action.

While an action is underway, you won’t be able to re-initiate that action, or any other action on that item component until the current action has completed. Other actions on the item component become disabled while the action is underway.

This improvement lets you know that an action is underway and prevents further interaction while you’re waiting for the action to complete.

Digital Check-outs

Once a digital hold becomes available, the check-out action has been given a clearer label and action, making it easier to understand how to access a checked out digital title.

You'll see clearer messaging that digital holds cannot be renewed and that they cannot be returned before their due date if downloaded.

Pages and Pagination Controls

The cluster view where items are grouped by status has been replaced with a page view that's similar to search, with 25 items displayed per page. Status (i.e. Checked out, On hold) is still the default view. This change means that batch actions (i.e. managing more than one item at a time) are limited to up to 25 items at a time.

Page Loading Indicators

Although the new borrowing pages are designed to load faster and reduce page reloads, it still takes a little time to load user data.

You'll see loading states for each of the borrowing pages, as well as the progress indicator at the top of the page.

New Date Picker

There's a new accessible and mobile-friendly date picker.

This is used wherever you need to provide a date: on single items like pausing a hold, changing a hold date, or using the batch action functions.

New Feedback Messaging Style

These pop up from the bottom of the page, informing you of successful and non-successful actions.

These will display following actions on single items, and following a batch action. They're styled in green, grey, and red to indicate success, partial success, and failure.

New Batch Action Controls

Batch actions on all borrowing pages are now initiated from the batch action bar, which appears after you've selected two or more items using the checkboxes at the item's left side. The batch action bar will only show relevant actions; selecting one of them either performs the action directly or opens a new menu with intermediate steps. 

Only actions allowed on your current selection are active, and if more than one action is valid, actions are only performed on items that are appropriate. This is why the count displayed against each action may be different.

Canceled and Expired Holds

These are now under a new heading: Previously On Hold.

Turning on Borrowing History

The option to enable this feature is not currently offered on the borrowing pages. To enable or disable your borrowing history, go to the My Settings page.

Borrowing History now appears under My Borrowing, whether it is enabled or not. If it's not enabled, click the link to go to the Borrowing History page. There's now an Enable Borrowing History button to turn it on right from the page.

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