Books for an Intentional Summer Solstice

Summer is recognized as a time of manifestation steeped in mysticism (via Vogue), making summer solstice (the longest day and shortest night of the year) a time to mark the transition from spring to summer with reflection and intention. Connect with this season by hosting a midsummer feast, checking in on your goals for the rest of the year, trying out modern spells, exploring astronomy, enjoying the extra daylight with a yoga salute, and more using ideas and inspiration in these books available at your library.

Scandinavian Gatherings

Traditional sweet and savory Scandinavian recipes tweaked for American palates paired with easy craft projects for entertaining will make any midsummer gathering perfectly cozy.

The Witch's Spellbook

Drawing on lunar events such as solstices, these spells, rituals, and enchantments promise to help you align your intentions with the cycles of nature during this time of seasonal transition.


This guide to modern midsummer celebrations includes everything you need to know to understand and work with the energy of the longest day of the year, including crafts, meditations, rituals, lore, recipes, and much more.


Spend the longest day transforming your home into a healing space using earth magic, meditation, herbalism, self-awareness, tarot, astrology, feminist spirituality, and interior decoration.

Session Cocktails

Refresh your tastebuds with inventive low-alcohol cocktails perfect for the long days of summer. Find even more books featuring cooling cocktails, mocktails, shrubs, and other drink recipes on our Summer Cocktail Party list.

Dot Journaling--a Practical Guide

Use the new season as an opportunity to make a new beginning or just review your goals and intentions for the rest of the year in a streamlined dot (also known as a bullet) journal.

Basic Witches

Tap into the mystical and healing energy of summer solstice by checking in with yourself in this modern lifestyle guide focused on self-care.

Every Body Yoga

Salute the sun on long summer days in poses intended to be accessible, not to mention help you start the new season with a sense of presence.