Baking with Attitude

Baking seems like such a pleasant hobby. Mixing sugar and spice and everything nice to make a sweet treat must be a calm and relaxing undertaking, right? But what if you’re feeling a little rebellious? What if you want to break the baking status quo? Whether you need to let off some steam in the kitchen or want to whip up a dessert that references your favorite fandom, there’s a cookbook out there for any baker with attitude.

Sweet Revenge

Friend betrayed you? Ex done you wrong? Take Heather Kim’s advice and show the world how great your life is now through the magic of baked goods. After all, revenge is a dish best served with lemon icing.

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook

If you like the idea of making and eating delicious baked goods that also pay homage to your awesome geeky interests, then you’ll love Nerdy Nummies. This cookbook has recipes for everything from Moon Phase Macarons to 20-Sided Dice Cookies. Perfect for your next game night or cosplay prep party.

Deceptive Desserts

It’s hard not to love a cookbook that opens with a quote from Morticia Addams. This book combines clear step-by-step baking instructions with goth sensibilities and a retro rockabilly flair. You won’t be able to resist making some of these devilishly tasty treats.