Art in Libraries: 101 (or more) Reasons to Visit Your Libraries in Person

Ever marveled at a piece of art in front of your eyes during your library visit? Ever wonder about the stories behind the amazing art pieces in and out of your library?

Local artist Benjamin Moore co-created the glass sculpture pictured left. This is a ceiling installment over the quiet area at Kirkland Library. Moore studied with Chihuly at the Pilchuck Glass School, and later became the school's creative and education director.

With this book in your hand, your long time questions will be thoroughly answered!

Art in Libraries (print)

For the first time, the various art forms at KCLS branches are cataloged in this book.

"Since 2004, [...] art of every kind-sculpture, paintings, ceiling installations, murals and many other words-indoors and our-have been added to new, expanded and renovated libraries. [...] Great deal of fine art also predates the bond, donated by Library Friends groups, local organizations or private donors."

Let's discover the art in libraries!

Is there a digital version of this book to read on your phone or tablet?

Yes! With your phone in hand, you will learn about the many pieces of wonderful art in our libraries. What? Somebody might think that you are playing Pokémon Go instead of appreciating public art? Well, you can show them how to download a library eBook!

Art in Libraries (eBook)

Download Free iBook in iTunes from here.

Does this book include every piece of art in our libraries?

No. The number of pages in the book is limited. In order to supplement the book, a free phone app STQRY is helpful. You can find it on iTunes and Google Play. A number of communities such as Auburn, Bothell, Issaquah, Kent, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Redmond, Renton, Sammamish, Seattle, are using the app to help you explore the public art.

Now you have more reasons to visit our all 48 branches of King County Library System!