Are You The Next Top Chef?

The competition cooking show, Top Chef recently released the newest location for its 14th season as Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re anything like me not only are you excited about another season of crazy culinary challenges and arguments between egotistical chefs, but you’re also looking forward to learning about a new foodie city. In anticipation of the new season which is set to start filming sometime this spring, here are some materials to help get you in the mood for food, cooking and Charleston, South Carolina.


How to Cook like A Top Chef, will teach you how to cook your favorite dishes from the first six seasons of the show in fun easy to follow directions. The cookbook also includes tips on knife skills, sauces and advanced cooking techniques as well as interviews with chefs, trivia about the show and beautiful images of the food.

How to Cook Like A Top Chef

Want to know more about the judges, then read Padma Lakshi’s memoir, Love, Loss and What We Ate. In this personal book Padma talks about the people, places and food that inspired her to become a food lover, cookbook author and host of Top Chef.

Love, Loss, and What We Ate

Then to truly get you ready for season 14, cook some local recipes from Charleston using these all-encompassing cookbooks, Food Lover’s Guide to Charleston and Savannah and The Charleston Chef’s Table. Both these books cover recipes, local restaurants and chefs who make up this food lovers destination.

Food Lovers' Guide to Charleston & Savannah

The Charleston Chef's Table


Now for some movies and shows to get you in the mood. First watch Pressure Cooker, a fast paced, dramatic documentary about future teenage top chefs who battle it out for culinary glory at a Philadelphia high school.

Pressure Cooker

Then watch Moveable Feast, Fine Cooking a PBS show that follows other top chefs across America as they create meals for their friends and family. Some of the highlighted chefs include past judges on episodes of Top Chef, including Tom Douglas and Marcus Samuelsson.

Moveable Feast, With Fine Cooking

Still craving more foodie shows? Watch The Mind of A Chef with Edward Lee (Season 9, Top Chef) talk about what inspires him to create his eclectic mix of Korean and southern food.

The Mind of A Chef