5 Young Adult Picks for the Ocean Obsessed

What is it about the ocean that invites us to lean over the side of our boats and wonder what's lurking down below? When I went deep-sea fishing as a child, I thought it was eerie to wait while my hook sunk down, down, down, and finally hit the bottom. Then I couldn't get enough of reading about the Titanic, drawing underwater scenes, and pretending I was a mermaid while swimming. The ocean fascinates me, but it also scares me stiff. So whether you have a romantic or a haunted relationship with the deep blue sea, these young adult picks will satisfy your thirst.

The Siren by Kiera Cass

Kahlen is locked in a contract to serve the Ocean for 100 years, singing souls to their watery graves. Falling in love is against the rules. So when Kahlen meets Akinli and does just that, she battles to hide the truth from the Ocean. But how can love work when your voice is deadly?

Dark Life by Kat Falls

Ty and his family have a farm, on the ocean floor. And aside from the unusual glow that his skin emits due to living his whole life in the deep, he considers himself to be a pretty normal guy. But when a gang of escaped criminals begin terrorizing the ocean settlers, Ty uncovers shocking information about the ocean government, and himself.

The Brides of Rollrock Island by Margo Lanagan

Every woman on Rollrock Island is a beauty, except for the witch Misskaella. Only she knows how to lure a woman from within the skin of a seal, and one by one the men of Rollrock Island fall victim to the temptation. But everything comes with a price.

Undertow by Michael Buckley

Lyric needs an armed escort to take her to high school, because it's the first day of human and Alpha integration. When the Alpha came up out of the ocean and occupied the beaches, a huge conflict erupted and Coney Island turned into a military zone. Now, the school principal is forcing Lyric to help an Alpha prince assimilate, and she's horrified that she finds him as handsome as he is frustrating and different. But a larger problem is slowly coming their way.

Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

At the close of World War II, a Russian submarine sunk a cruise liner filled with 10,000 refugees from German territory, sending over 9,000 people to a cold, watery grave. On the ship are four very different young people, who hold their secrets close to their hearts as they try to rely on each other. Will they be among the survivors of the largest maritime disaster in history?