4 Search Features That Every Bookworm Will Love

Throughout the year, KCLS adds thousands of eBooks and audiobooks to our digital collection, making it fairly easy to get lost in a sea of titles when searching for your next great read.

Libby, OverDrive's one-tap reading app, is equipped with numerous tools that refine search results based on your selected preferences. In the app, you set specific parameters that are personalized to your reading habits and interests. These features eliminate titles that don't match your selected criteria, providing a seamless searching experience for exploring the KCLS digital collection.

Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks, opens a new window that will help every bookworm find their next read with ease!

1. Search the series.

Libby’s newest search feature makes finding series information faster, easier, and more accessible.

Run a search for an entire series, opens a new window by typing the series name directly into the search bar. A series search will pull a list of all the titles (and only the titles) in the selected series that are available at your local library. Additionally, titles in a series are now marked as “[number] in series” in lists and search results. A book’s place in a series can also be found on its ‘details screen’. You can view any title’s ‘details screen’ by clicking on its cover art, which displays all the information about the selected title, including an overview of the chronological order of the other books in the series.

2. Sort and filter.

Standardize your search preferences. Select your desired criteria by tapping the plus sign on your library’s main page in the Libby app and then tap the ‘Apply Preferences’ button. These settings will be saved to your account, ensuring that all future search results generate lists that best match your individual reading habits. Preferences can be saved to automatically filter search results by availability, sort by (relevance, popularity, date added, release date, author, title), language, audience, and compatibility. This feature can also be a useful tool for parents to monitor the content that filters into their children’s search results.

Refine, opens a new window your search. Limit the number of titles that appear in your results by using the ‘Refine’ link (found in your search results). Selecting ‘Refine’ will prompt Libby to display additional filters that can be selected to narrow down your search including sort by, language, audience, and compatibility. A specific search can also be sorted the same way you save your overall account preferences by simply tapping the plus sign to select additional filters within your search results.

3. Remove saved search items.

Libby automatically creates a log of your past searches directly underneath the search bar. This feature provides you with an overview of all titles, authors, series, etc. that you have searched for in the past. If you prefer your lists not be saved, there is an option for you to remove them from the log. Simply tap the search bar as if you were going to run a search. This will prompt your search log to appear. Swipe left on the search item you would like to clear from the log and a red box labeled “remove” will appear next to the search item.

4. BISAC search.

BIASC search is a dream search for readers who may not know the genre or subject or really anything other than a keyword that may help them find the title they are looking for. Use keywords such as ‘Holiday Romance’ in your search to view a list filled with every title available in your local library’s digital collection that matches that description. It doesn't matter what type of book you are looking for- BISAC search will help you find your next great read much easier.

Learn more about Libby by visiting the Help page.

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