5 Craft Books for Book Lovers

If you ask me, books and crafting go together like peanut butter and jelly. So imagine my delight when I discovered the world of altered books: craft projects made from discarded books or book pages. While some might find the thought of dismantling a book upsetting, when you consider how many books wind up in recycle bins and landfills it's actually a much more humane way to treat those outdated encyclopedias or damaged books that are no longer suitable for reading. Breathing new life into old books by transforming them into beautiful art certainly seems like a better option to me! Here are some great library titles to get you started on your own book-themed crafting adventure! 

To start off, here are three titles all dedicated to the art of crafting with books. Each features different projects and a variety of ideas for transforming old books into all kinds of neat objects! Insider tip: don't forget to check out your local library branch to see if they have a Friends of the Library Group or Library Guild offering used books for sale. You definitely get bonus points for using books whose proceeds support your library!



The Repurposed Library

These last two titles are a little different. The first offers knitting projects inspired by famous literary characters- so much fun! And finally, in a nod to the cat-loving stereotype that so many of us library folks embrace, a craft book just for cat lovers. Enjoy!

Literary Knits

Cattastic Crafts