5 Bold New Book Club Ideas!

I love a good book club, but if you have ever been in a long standing group, you know that sometimes the typical format gets a little stale.  Here are some ideas to freshen up your social reading:

1. The Cookbook Book Club –   Chose a cookbook and allow each member to select a recipe to make.  Bring the results to share at your meeting.  Talk about the recipes.  Did they have clear instructions?  Did the recipe turn out as expected? A cookbook book club allows you to try a number of recipes from a single book, including some you might not have tried yourself.  Members can select recipes of appropriate difficulty, gadget ownership, and expense for their taste.  Have a special diet?  You could narrow your focus to cook books that are heart healthy, vegan, or gluten free.  Start something that is part potluck dinner, part book club, part diet support group!

2. The Read a Category Book Club - One of the stresses of book club is often soldiering your way through a book you did not select. While this often broadens one's reading horizons it can get in the way of being able to read what you want.  Consider picking a category of books and allowing each member to select their own title!  Within a given genre or book type you can find something to your own tastes.  Allow each member to talk a bit about their book, then talk about the genre its self.  How were the books each member read similar or different?  Try challenging yourself by trying out a genre or category you have never read before, like reading a graphic novel/comic book or reading a novel by someone who identifies as transgendered. Lists abound on the web, but I enjoy Book Riot's Read Harder book list.

3. The Board Games & Books Club -  Board games have become really something over the last decade or so with complicated strategies and fascinating themes.  Many are inspired by literature or tie in nicely with a topic or genre that can help guide your book selection for each month.  This is the perfect book club for you if you are a fan of multi-tasking.   I have written a whole post on board game and book pairings to help you get started on this one.

4. The Stitch & Listen Book Club -   If you like the idea of busy hands while you talk, consider a knitting or crocheting circle and book discussion.  Because so many great titles are available on audio these days you could even meet frequently and listen to the book as a group!  Check out our audiobook page for staff lists and blog posts about some of the great listening available at the library.

5. The Read Around the World Book Club – The U.S. is not the only country with active writers.  Despite all the diversity within our country, there are some literary jewels out there that can lend a truly international perspective to your reading list.  Avid reader Ann Morgan proved this when she started a blog about her goal to read a novel from every country in the world. It was a great idea that opened a world of reading and your book club should try it out!  Check out Ann's blog, TEDTalk, and book for ideas and inspiration as well as her list of books from around the world.

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