4 Ways Libby Academy Can Make Your Reading Experience Better

Get the most out of reading eBooks or listening to audiobooks in the Libby Appopens a new window with four tips from Libby Academy. These short training videos were created to highlight features that help you get the most out of your Libby experience. Each in-app video is only 20-40 seconds and takes you step-by-step through different Libby actions like how to move backward and forward through a book and turning pages in the app.

Did you know that all of the Libby Academy videos are available right in the app? After opening the app, look for Libby’s face in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Tapping it will open a sidebar with options. At the top of the sidebar will be the space where you add libraries and library cards to your account, and if you go down to the bottom, you’ll see a section on “Find out more about the Libby app.” If you click on the Learn Libby option, you’ll be directed to Libby Academy.

Screenshot of helpful messages and tips fromLibby Academy on a smartphone. Messages from Libby Academy read: Welcome to Libby Academy. Option to choose to show recommended lessons above the main menu. First tip: If you're listening to an audiobook, you can speed it up or slow it down. Adjusting play speed link to learn more. Tip 2: Wait, what was that? Jump back in your audiobook with a quick swipe. Option to tap to learn more about jumping forward and backward. Tip 3: Nodding off? Set a sleep timer to...

There are several Libby Academy videos to choose from, but here are some of our favorites that will help make your reading experience on Libby even better than it already is:

Adjusting Play Speed

Do you ever find yourself listening to an audiobook and wishing you could either slow down or speed up the narrator’s voice? In Libby, you can easily adjust the speed to find the right one for your ears, and Libby Academy shows you how. The speed settings go as low as 0.6x, which is great if you are listening in a second language, and go as fast as 3x. Even just speeding audiobooks up a little bit will help you get through them faster, which means more completed books at the end of the year.

Setting a Sleep Timer

According to the Audio Publisher’s Association, 52 percent of audiobook listeners enjoy listening to an audiobook right before going to sleep. But what happens if you fall asleep while listening? Setting a sleep timer means even if you doze off, Libby will pause your audiobook after a set period of time. The default is 30 minutes, but Libby Academy teaches users how to adjust the time from as little as four minutes up to two hours. You can even tell Libby to stop when you reach the end of your current chapter. (Need to jump back in the audiobook the next morning? There’s a Libby Academy video for that, too!)

View Book Progress

Maybe instead of listening to an audiobook before bed, you like to read an ebook. But it’s late at night and you want to know how close you are to the end of the chapter or even the end of the book. With Libby Academy, you can discover all of the ways to determine your progress through the book, including the percentage of the entire book you’ve already completed, how many pages you’ve read and how many pages are left in the chapter. Audiobooks in Libby offer the same progress reports but told in the number of hours and minutes rather than pages.

Defining Words

Reading an ebook and come across an unfamiliar word? Libby Academy has you covered and will show you the simple steps to looking up a definition right in the app. If you want more information on the selected word, Libby Academy shows you how to expand your search to include Google and Wikipedia, and how to easily get back to your book with a simple tap of a button. You can even look up translations of foreign words, too!

Get the most out of your reading experience using Libby Academy. And because Libby works the same way across all devices it doesn't matter what smartphone or tablet you're using.