4 Sweet Romances with Imperfect Leads

I've officially been reading romances long enough that I should probably quit pretending it's a phase and just proudly state that I am a Romance Reader, capital Rs and all! With so many titles under my belt, I finally have a good idea of what makes me smile so hard my cheeks hurt, and what just makes me cringe. These four books will be of the smiling sort for you if you like your love stories on the sweet-but-not-too-wholesome, fluffy-but-still-smart side. They all have a bit of humor, great character development of good, somewhat imperfect people (no model-gorgeous billionaires here!), and are generally lacking in a lot of melodrama.

Level Up

Level Up centers on Tessa Rodriguez, a geeky introvert bent on earning a promotion to video game engineer, and her totally platonic roommate and coworker, Adam, who just sees her as one of the guys. This story is an absolute delight if you go for stories about nerds finding love, and it is really great at walking the line between personality extremes so that the characters always feel like real people; while Tessa is definitely a bit antisocial, she pushes through her discomfort to meet her goals, and Adam is a good guy without verging on being a doormat 


Attachments is like a perfectly sweet 90s romantic comedy movie in book form, which makes sense since it is set in 1999 amidst the scramble to head off Y2K disaster. It features a man in his late 20's who's unsure about what to do with his life, and a girl he hasn't met but is nevertheless falling for. It's hard to believe this story could be so satisfying when it takes the majority of the book for the main characters to get together, but Rainbow Rowell is so good at character development and witty dialogue that you won't seem to mind! 

Me Again

Me Again tells the tale of a man who emerges from a 6-year coma after suffering a massive stroke at the age of 28. With no memory of his former life, he struggles to recover and piece together where he fits, while at the same time forming a connection with a woman whose personality has been altered radically by her own stroke. This story is such a lovely, realistic second-chances love story between two people struggling to rediscover and redefine their sense of self. 


I've been a huge fan of Pepper Pace's love stories for a long time, first when she published them for free online, and now that she is happily represented in our collection! She always writes characters that are dealing with something, be it physical disability, mental illness, homelessness, or more general issues such as loneliness, but along with these serious issues there is always a good dose of sweetness. These are just really genuine people building unique connections!