3 Novels About Royalty for Fans of Victoria and The Crown

If you're a fan of the Netflix series The Crown, PBS's Victoria, or just can't get enough of Duchess Meghan, here are three royalty-themed books to check out.

The Royal We (also in eBook, large print, and downloadable audiobook) is a sort of alternate history of Will and Kate: what if Kate was baseball-loving American exchange student who accidentally fell for the heir to the British throne? And what if he fell back? This one mostly focuses on young British royals (there's a rogue-ish Prince Harry stand-in who steals the show), but a very Elizabeth-like queen makes several important appearances. By the authors of long-running and hilarious fashion and pop culture blog Go Fug Yourself.

In A Brief History of Montmaray (also in eBook, audio CD, and downloadable audiobook), the impoverished royal family of a tiny kingdom in the English channel fight to save their kingdom from Nazis. Their lives are documented in a diary by 16-year-old Sophie FitzOsborne, a princess who longs to go to England and make a society début. Not strictly about the British royals, but with all the glamour and political and social intrigue of real royalty. The series opens in 1936, and covers European history in the decade leading up to The Crown. The journal format, dilapidated castle setting will remind readers of I Capture the Castle, but there's an added element of history and political intrigue, especially in the later books.

Victoria (also on eBookaudio CD, and downloadable audiobook) is a fictionalized look at the life of another long-reigning British queen and covers a similar period in her life. Victoria was only 18 when she ascended to the throne, and this novel, based on her diaries, covers her early reign and her relationships with her most trusted adviser, Lord Melbourne, and her handsome cousin Albert