3 Books to Help You Embrace Your Inner “Cat Lady”

If you're a cat lover, you’ve likely been referred to as a “crazy cat lady” at some point in your life. It’s time now to embrace that stereotype! Here are some books that will appeal to a variety of different cat-lovers’ sensibilities:


Crafting With Cat Hair

Perfect for the cat lady who’s ready to take the stereotype to a new level.

With projects from finger puppets to coin purses and framed artwork, this book has some clever ways to craft with materials provided by our furry friends. The crafty (or creepy, depending on who you talk to) cat lady will appreciate this book, which makes adorable use of that cat hair that finds its way onto clothes and furniture when it’s shedding season.


Cat Is Art Spelled Wrong

Perfect for the culture-savvy cat lady.

This collection of essays examines the reasons why our internet-age culture is so fascinated by cats, and what that says about art, technology, and human nature. It begs the question: “Are internet cat videos art?” and explores the topic through engaging essays by 15 writers.


The Cat Inside

Perfect for the literary cat lady.

You may think you know William S. Burroughs, and maybe you know a version of him based on his most well-renowned works. However, his meditations on cats (our “psychic companions”) show you a different side of Burroughs that is unique to this collection. Warning: you may (like I did) get teary-eyed occasionally while reading, but you’ll laugh a whole lot, too.