Bookmarks and Landmarks Junior

Mary Olson Farm

Read the book and live the history! King County Library System, South King County Culture, and three fantastic local historical societies have collaborated on this unique book club opportunity for families. Bookmarks and Landmarks Junior allows families to really dive into the history of our area and explore a general store in Maple Valley, a mansion in Auburn, and […]

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Reading on the Go

bright eyed dog

As a librarian I do a lot of reading. Seriously. There is just no way that I could sit down and snuggle up with a cup of tea every time I wanted to read a book or article. There are dogs to be walked, lawns to be mowed, housework to be done. None of these […]

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The Gift of Books for Kids: Readers Ages 6-8

This is the final post in The Gift of Books for Kids series. There is a whole group of kids who are just starting out on their journey as readers that I've left for last. Happily there a a lot of engaging books for this wide range of reading enthusiasts. In my suggestions I start […]

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The Gift of Books: For Kids Who Like to Keep it Real

Fiction isn't always a child's first choice for reading. Some kids (and I too) love to read true books. They dig into non-fiction like other readers dig into fiction. If you're shopping (or checking out) for a nonfiction reader you have a feast of amazing choices when it comes to interesting books. Life-size Aquarium The […]

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The Gift Of Books For Kids: 9-to-12-Year-Old Girls

African-American Heritage booklist

This is the third in a series of blog posts on books that make great gifts. We dedicated a whole entry to boys so it's only fair to dedicate a post to the girls. There are a bunch of wonderful books starring strong, clever heroines that would make the perfect holiday gift for the strong, […]

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The Gift of Books for Kids: Ages 3-6

Reading with a preschooler

This is the second in a series of blog posts about great books to give as gifts this season. This time we're going to be talking about some spectacular books to give to the 3-to-6-year-olds in your life. For this group I tend toward giggles. If it makes them giggle it's a winner. If you have […]

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The Gift of Books for Kids: 9-to-12-Year-Old Boys

Illustration of child reading

With an Auntie who is also a children's librarian, my nephew is pretty much guaranteed to get books for presents. To be honest, that's pretty much all I give. Lucky boy! He always happily says, "I know what's in that present." To which I answer, "Yeah, but you don't know which one!" As a nine-year-old this year […]

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Over the River and Through the Woods… Holiday Travel with Kids

Oh, yes... the holidays have officially arrived and there may be some family travel in your plans whether you like it or not. For some parents, the idea of being trapped in a plane, train, or car for many hours with their children devolving into cranky, bored beasties just doesn't appeal. We've all been there. […]

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Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book Award Nominees for 2017

That's a mouthful of a title to say "some of the best picture books written for kids in the last two years." Public and school librarians with The Washington Library Media Association (WLMA) create this list every year after a lot of reading and discussion.  And this year's list is packed with winners. Of course, it's the […]

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It’s Salmon Season! Spot the Spawners in Your Neighborhood

Salmon are currently thinking serious thoughts about heading upriver to their birthplace to start a whole new generation of little spawners. We are lucky in the Pacific Northwest because it's very likely that you have a salmon spawning stream nearby. Out in my area it is the Cedar River, where the salmon work their way […]

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