Don’t Waste Your Summer Harvest

When I was growing up, my parents made sure we wasted nothing--especially food. We'd pick guavas and coconuts from neighbors' overburdened trees. When fishing boats came back to the dock, my parents would ask for the fish heads to make soup. They were frugal and food savvy, something that I appreciate now more than I did […]

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Remodeling the Non-DIY way

Considering a remodel to boost the value of your home? What a great idea! Whether you're looking to sell soon to take advantage of the hot real estate market, or you just want to freshen things up and improve the look of your space, KCLS has some ways to help. We have lots of books to give you […]

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Fil-Am’s, where you at?

Fil-Am's = Filipino American, for those unfamiliar with the term. October is a celebration of Filipino American History month, and I was inspired to write this because of a particularly disturbing episode of The Walking Dead. I love this show, but after a couple days of binge watching the 6th season, it occurred to me: […]

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Top 3 reasons to love autumn

Although I lament the end of summer, there are some things I look forward to in the fall, hence my top 3 reasons to luuuvvv autumn: Crockpot cooking. Leather boots. No more sleep sweats. Crockpot cooking? Yeah, KCLS has plenty of books if you've got a hankering for some gut busting satisfaction. You'll find them […]

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I recently took a trip down memory lane-- but not by choice. Last week I spent my California vacation helping my sisters clean out my parents’  backroom addition, and the two car garage which no longer fits their two cars. This did not happen because they have passed into the next world. Oh no, they […]

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