*Groan* Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Soon, couples will be declaring their undying love. Hearts and flowers will be everywhere you look. What if it's not your thing? Don't worry, KCLS has got your back. Being a library, you know we're going to suggest reading as a way of getting through this holiday. So, without further ado........ […]

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Readers Unite

Fists in the air in solidarity

What are you reading this year?  Our friends over at the New York Public Library started a fun reading campaign called Readers Unite. They are encouraging readers to share their love of reading by posting a photo or the title of the book that they're reading on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media sites with the hashtag #ReadersUnite. […]

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Time for a Clean Sweep

Rainbow colored sweeping brooms

Happy New Year, everyone! It's that time of year again when we put away all the holiday decorations and return the house back to normal order. What I'm noticing as I do this is, I'm enjoying having less stuff sitting around. Plus, I really need to step up my cleaning. I found a really informative video, "How […]

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Best Books to Read on an Airplane

3 airplanes in a row

Flying........ There's no in-between on this one; either you love it or you hate it. No matter which camp you're in, sitting on an airplane is one of those places that just demands a great read. I get a little giddy myself, as I'm walking to my gate and see all the books available in […]

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Low and slow. It’s what’s for dinner.

Soup ingredients

Do you never know what to make for dinner? Open the refrigerator door again and again hoping against hope that THIS time a fully formed meal will be waiting inside? Yeah, me too. While lamenting my lack of good dinners (or really, any dinner) for my family, a girlfriend mention that she was dusting off her […]

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Drink This, Read That.

Wine and Book

Some things just naturally go together like a horse and carriage, peanut butter and jelly, and Batman and Robin. So why not books and beverages? If I may be so bold, I would like to suggest the following pairings for your enjoyment. Looking for something a little tropical with a touch of ocean breezes and […]

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Are you ready for Winter driving?

Snow Covered Trees

Winter driving will be here before we know it. To get my car ready I have added: check my tires, replace old windshield wiper blades, and get an oil change on my to-do list. Autotrader.com has an excellent list of 8 simple Winter Car Care Tips that I probably need to do also. Have you noticed those ready-made car emergency kits? […]

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My name is Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton Playbill

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm DYING to see Hamilton.  Like, D.Y.I.N.G! So, while flying to New York and spending a ton of $$'s to see the show isn't in the cards for me, I'm gobbling up anything I can find about the show to help me experience it. PBS has pulled together a fantastic look at […]

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Healthy and Happy Holidays

The holiday season will be here in a few short weeks, starting with Halloween and continue on until New Year's Day. Already I've been thinking about how to keep myself happy and healthy throughout the season. No more "getting through" the holidays for me! I want to enjoy them and be healthy, all at the […]

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Love coloring? Take it a step further….

Are you enjoying all those new Adult coloring books? Or perhaps you've event attended one of the Coloring for Adult workshops at the library. I had a girlfriend give me one of those lovely coloring books for my birthday, along with colored pencils and a nice pencil sharpener. I've had an absolute blast coloring ever […]

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