Stephen King Recommends

Anyone who's enough of a Stephen King fan to follow his tweets will know that he regularly recommends the best of the books he's currently reading. The books (as you might expect!) tend towards horror novels and thrillers, but he is obviously an incredibly prolific reader and his recommendations really run the gamut of genres. […]

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African-American STEM Heroes!

I do a little internal happy dance every time I get a reference question that directly relates to what I'm reading at the moment. This happened recently when a patron asked for children's books on African-American inventors and inventions-- a question that came exactly one day after I read and loved Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson's Super-soaking Stream of Inventions, the story […]

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Adult Fiction by Trans Authors

With the topic of transgender rights at the forefront of the national consciousness, I've been thinking a lot about stories (as I tend to do!) that deal with trans experiences. While there are a number of great memoirs by trans-identified authors, I have to admit that I am way more of a fiction reader, so I've […]

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