Pay it Forward in 2017- Become a “RAKtivist!”

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees." -Amelia Earhart What's a RAKtivist? Simply put, it's a Random Acts of Kindness activist. What qualifications do you need? A belief that kindness can change the world. How do you become one? It's easy. Practice random acts of kindness or RAoKs defined as: selfless acts performed […]

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Beyond Pilgrims and Turkey

Like many Americans I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving waking up to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and enjoying a family gathering that included watching football, feasting on turkey and all the trimmings, vying for the wishbone, and ending up feeling as stuffed as the turkey. Now, with children of my own, our family has added a few traditions to our Thanksgiving gatherings. One is to take in Thanksgiving "orphans."  […]

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College Essay Writer’s Block?

Are you a college-bound senior? Finding the college application process overwhelming? Having trouble figuring out what to write about for your admissions essays? Deadlines looming? Let KCLS help! After conducting college essay writing workshops and editing admissions essays, there are a few tips I can offer and some great resources available through the library to help get you […]

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Meet Ove, the Neighbor From Hell.

There are all kinds of neighbors and then there is Ove.  He is the cantankerous neighbor others avoid. Entering Ove's well-ordered world of rigid routines, strict principles and critical assessments of the "idiots" around him, I wanted to get to know Ove, but not necessarily be his neighbor. A Man Called Ove Author Fredrik Backman skillfully interrupts Ove's […]

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