On YOUR Recommendation

A man sitting between two bookshelves is reading a book that seems to glow with light.

One of the very best things about working for a library is talking to folks about books and movies when they come up to the desk. I cannot tell you how many times a patron has walked in to return a book or called to place a hold on an item and raved to me about […]

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Give Your Career a Boost!

Woman looking at career development sites on a laptop at home

Are you trying for a promotion? Hoping for a raise? Applying for a position with more responsibility? One great way to make yourself a more attractive employee is to continue to refresh and improve your skill set. KCLS offers free access to Lynda.com for library patrons. Lynda.com has a wealth of classes you can watch […]

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Fake News: Check the Supporting Sources


So you know what fake news is, and have learned to read beyond the headline. But your detective work does not stop there. Good news articles often discuss or directly link to supporting sources of information. That source may be a speech given by a politician, a scientific paper, a court ruling or even a […]

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Listening in on Nixon and Watergate

A retro tape recorder with "Pause" and "Start" on the device.

Watergate is the scandal to which all others are compared. You have heard it on the news. The sound bites go something like: "In what might be the biggest scandal to hit Washington D.C. since Watergate...", or "Is this [name of politician]'s Watergate?" President Richard Nixon's name and his involvement in the cover-up of a […]

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Get Your Mind On Your Money!

Dollar bills planted in the ground like sprouts.

Are you an expert investor looking for the resources to decide how to re-balance your stock portfolio? Have you got some savings and are thinking ahead to retirement and figuring that whole mutual fund thing out? Maybe you just have a checking account and don't know a money market account from a monkey. No matter […]

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Cat Gravity: Nerdy Fiction W/Feline Mass

A cat sleeping on its side

Cat gravity refers to the powerful force your cat has to keep you sitting when it shows up on your lap for a snuggle. You know, just when you were going to get up and grab something. Cat gravity is a force both powerful and impossible to predict. The duration of its effects can be short […]

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Dear Poetry: I Hate You, I Love You

Poetry Covers

Every April is National Poetry Month. And every April I pick out a few collections and fall back into my love/hate relationship with poetry. It is similar to the love/hate relationship I have with salad. I feel that I should eat salads. They are, generally speaking, healthier than a pizza or a burger in the […]

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What Is Fake News?


None of us want to be taken in by fake news.  We want to be told the truth so we can make informed decisions about the world around us.  But the first thing we need to understand before we can avoid fake news is: What is fake news? If you are trying to formulate a […]

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Poptastic Girl Power on Freegal

Young woman listens to headphones

This one's all about powerful music by women for listeners young and old. Here is a playlist of free mp3s you can stream or download through the library from Freegal that celebrate female empowerment with upbeat, catchy tunes. Songs are a great way to make sure you don't overlook or undervalue yourself, even if the […]

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Food and Romance: A Pairing Guide

A closeup of the hands of a man and a woman kneading dough together.

The romance genre gets around. You can find romance novels about sports stars, businessmen, FBI agents and national secrets, not to mention cowboys and yes, even the occasional librarian. So why not chefs and farmers? After all, what is more sensual than food? Romance makes the perfect seasoning for a novel that revels in the tastes […]

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