Poptastic Girl Power on Freegal

Young woman listens to headphones

This one's all about powerful music by women for listeners young and old. Here is a playlist of free mp3s you can stream or download through the library from Freegal that celebrate female empowerment with upbeat, catchy tunes. Songs are a great way to make sure you don't overlook or undervalue yourself, even if the […]

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Food and Romance: A Pairing Guide

A closeup of the hands of a man and a woman kneading dough together.

The romance genre gets around. You can find romance novels about sports stars, businessmen, FBI agents and national secrets, not to mention cowboys and yes, even the occasional librarian. So why not chefs and farmers? After all, what is more sensual than food? Romance makes the perfect seasoning for a novel that revels in the tastes […]

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10 to Try: Women in Science

Hidden Figures - movie edition jacket

Did you see the movie Hidden Figures this weekend? Are you participating in our 10 to Try challenge this year? One category we have been challenged to read is STEM (that stands for science, technology, engineering and math). To help provide you with some good choices I have assembled here a brief introduction to three […]

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TV to Print: Fictional Books Get Real

TV shows and movies inspire books all the time. But the titles in this post are something a little different. They are not just translations of a show into book form. Instead, they are books that do not exist except in the fiction of a feature film or TV show until suddenly, now we too can […]

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Free MP3s That Are Out of This World!

Did you know that you can stream music for twelve hours a day and download up to 5 MP3s every week for free from the library? Check out Freegal Music under the "Online Library" menu tab, then click on the "Music" link. The songs you download are yours to keep with no return date! Lately I have been […]

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Best Books of 1916

Ziegfeld follies 1916

If you pay attention to book buzz there is nothing more boring than the endless stream of 'Best Books of 2016' lists. Don't get me wrong, there were some good novels written in 2016 and if you haven't read anything published this year, now is a great time to hear about the cream of the […]

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Bah! Humbug! Books for the Holiday-Weary

Broken Christmas ornament

Christmas is billed as a magical time of year, and for many it is. But it is also the time of year when parking lots become dangerous tests of skill and patience; when store sound systems are turned into saccharine torture devices. December can prove that yes, there is such a thing as too much […]

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The Books that Built a Movement

I was inspired to read then write on this topic after the Bellevue Library had the distinct honor in 2016 to host civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis of Georgia as he and his co-authors spoke about the series of graphic novels they have written called March. The final book in the series was just awarded […]

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Real People in Historical Fiction

Lap post by a walkway in fog.

When I read a novel set in the past, nothing brings the story to life for me more than having a historical figure put in an appearance. Historical cameos make me more curious about where literary license ends and fact begins. These mash-ups of truth and speculation help give the fiction weight and the fact relatability. […]

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Audiobooks to Walk With Your Dog

Hey dog owners. You live in the Pacific Northwest where it is cold and rainy. But despite the chilly wet of a long dark fall, Fido still needs his morning and evening sabbaticals. If you are an apartment dweller, you may be braving the out-of-doors in your galoshes even more frequently. Don't go it alone! […]

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