Graphic Novels: Medical Memoirs

We often take our minds and bodies for granted. Right until they stop working properly. When they do, everything is harder- our relationships, our jobs, just lying in bed can be hard when you are sick or struggling with issues related to mental health. For those with issues that are more impactful than getting this […]

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On YOUR Recommendation

One of the very best things about working for a library is talking to folks about books and movies when they come up to the desk. I cannot tell you how many times a patron has walked in to return a book or called to place a hold on an item and raved to me about […]

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Give Your Career a Boost!

Are you trying for a promotion? Hoping for a raise? Applying for a position with more responsibility? One great way to make yourself a more attractive employee is to continue to refresh and improve your skill set. KCLS offers free access to for library patrons. has a wealth of classes you can watch […]

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Get Your Mind On Your Money!

Are you an expert investor looking for the resources to decide how to re-balance your stock portfolio? Have you got some savings and are thinking ahead to retirement and figuring that whole mutual fund thing out? Maybe you just have a checking account and don't know a money market account from a monkey. No matter […]

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What Is Fake News?

None of us want to be taken in by fake news.  We want to be told the truth so we can make informed decisions about the world around us.  But the first thing we need to understand before we can avoid fake news is: What is fake news? If you are trying to formulate a […]

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