Movies Al Fresco

Summer is finally here and all I want to do is be outside to sit in the garden, eat on the patio, and take walks in the sun. It's the most beautiful time of year so why not make the most of it. All over Seattle and the Eastside outdoor theaters are popping up. Classic oldies […]

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Livin’ Large, the Tiny Way

As housing costs soar in the Seattle Metro area, many locals are scratching their heads and asking how to stay afloat in our inflated market. Average rental prices are jumping every month and for most of us living on a fixed budget, the unknown of "how much will I need to pay to keep the roof […]

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A Chocolate Intervention!

I love chocolate, it is probably my favorite food. I am discriminating, I only eat dark chocolate, but beyond that I love it all. Add nuts, caramel, sea salt, chili peppers, or just about any other add-in (no ants, please) and I am there! Now comes the rub. I recently learned about the sordid history […]

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A Taste for Murder!

Food shows up as a main ingredient in much of the literature that we read and detectives worldwide have a special need for a good meal. Many of my favorite mysteries take place over over some kind of food or beverage. Who can solve a murder on an empty stomach? The bodies continue to pile up for […]

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Table for one, please!

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, singles now make up more than 50% of the population, so it stands to reason that many of us are sitting down at the dinner table with only our dinner plate and a glass of wine, maybe we don't even make it to the table, maybe we just stumble […]

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Got 12 hours and no plans?

With the last gasp of summer upon us it's time to get out and enjoy the weather. Why not hit the road for a quick retreat from your regular routine. Our backyard is full of great places to go when you need a little break. Jetty Island is a short boat ride from Everett where […]

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Spring at the farmer’s markets!

If you love perusing the A-Z  (artichoke to zucchini) vegetables as much as I do, you won't want to miss a chance to pick up the all the spring veggies that are arriving daily at the local farmer's markets. Spring brings asparagus, rhubarb, morel mushrooms, beautiful green beans, cherries, a variety of onions and few more exotics, […]

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Shopping for Books in Paris!

I found myself in Paris last fall at Shakespeare and Company, the famous old bookstore that sits right next to the Seine and sells books in English. The building feels like a relic from Shakespeare's days and is stacked with books like your grandmother's attic. Somehow being in Paris and walking through the rooms stuffed with […]

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