Reading on a Jet Plane (a musical parody)

Planes flying over globe marked by international landmarks

Well my bags are packed I'm ready to go You dropped me at the airport door I hate to call you back to bring my book. Well I left it there, right in your car You drove away, now you're too far I hate to spend my cash to buy a book. I'm leaving on a […]

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From Martha to Melania

A photo of the White House.

I just read a great new book, which I had to share: A Kids' Guide to America's First Ladies. I read mine as an electronic copy: A Kids' Guide to America's First Ladies In each profile of a First Lady, the author includes pieces of what was happening in the world at the time of their role […]

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Infant and Family Story Times Now at 320th! TGIF!

Infants and parents playing at story time.

Friday is story time day for me at the 320th Library! First, I start with Infant Story Time at 10:30. (This is new for Federal Way 320th as of January.) And then, Family Story Time starts at 11:15! Wait, did you read "Infant Story Time?" Why in the world would anybody bring an infant to story time? Infants […]

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Sitting Still? Not on Preschool Fitness Day!

A picture of Peter Rabbit standing on his head.

Today, January 27, 2017 is National Preschool Fitness Day! And what better way to celebrate than "read" some good books? That's just what we did at Family Story Time today. Starting with Hop, Hop, Jump! by Lauren Thompson We stood up, sat down, stretched, wiggled, waggled, and of course hopped and jumped. This book has large colorful […]

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10 to Try? I Can Help with Audiobooks!

10 to Try 2017 Reading Challenge

Would you like to do the KCLS 10 to Try challenge? I've been meeting people who tell me they don't like listening to audiobooks. I didn't either until I broke my wrist 4 years ago. During recovery, I developed a "frozen shoulder." The exercise for that was to lay on my back on the floor with my arm […]

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Kids Create Gifts and Memories this Holiday Season

Way before the era of Pinterest and the invention of social media people found inspiration for gifts to make in magazines. At least I think this must be the case, because my husband who lived in South Dakota made a lot of the same things I did in Florida! Doing an online search finds many, […]

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Is the Love of Reading Genetic?

3 Old books sitting on a shelf: Code of the West by Zane Grey, Tarzan of the Apes and The Return of Tarzan both by Edgar Rice Borroughs.

My mom was born in November, and to honor her, I'm writing this post about one of the greatest gifts she passed down to me. Growing up, she read to me. She took me to the bookmobile that visited our area before the library was built. Then went to the library very often. One of my first […]

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Do you want to learn Spanish?

Hola Amigos! I just got back from an 8-day trip to Guatemala! Being that I seem to do things in a backwards manner, I'm now studying Spanish. Most people would have done it before they went on the trip, but I never quite got around to it! I just relied on my 4 years of high school […]

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Are you in the mood to “adult” today? I’m not.

Pin decorated with childlike illustrations of books, a lollipop, a paper airplane, and a frog. Reads 'I survived storytime.'

Before I went on vacation I was thinking about doing a blog post for September about all the great school-help we have here at KCLS. Our KCLS Library Director Gary Wasdin wrote a great blog post on exactly that topic. You can read it right Here. I should be coming up with some other great topic but I'm […]

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Fun games and activities for your kids in the car or in the home!

Cardboard challenge creature made out of a box, stickers, yogurt cups, and more.

For my family, August seemed to be the month to travel to see Grandparents in the Midwest or in the South.We're talking LONG trips! Many hours to fill. And even when not traveling at the end of the Summer, August can seem like a LONG month - waiting for the routine of back to school. I'm here to […]

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