Dear Shelf Browser, Read This Book

My desk is a mishmash of cat paraphernalia, crafts made at library programs and notes I've found stuck in teen books. Some of the notes are skillful doodles, some statements of fact (apparently, "5th period = BORING!"). Others are book recommendations and words of encouragement ("stay strong, you can conquer your eating disorder"). Sticking everything up on my wall of awesome…
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Meow Fest is Coming!!!

I've spent years trying to convince my cat he isn't an alarm clock and shouldn't wake me up in the wee hours of the morning. He's spent those same years training me to feed him on command. Like a seasoned general, he’s responded to every strategy (e.g., putting him downstairs) with effective countermeasures (e.g., yowling through the vent directly under the bedroom)…
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Wanted: Badass Ladies – Dithering Damsels Need Not Apply

I know you've been there - deep in a good book, fingers turning to the next page so fast that paper cuts are a constant danger. It’s worth the risk though because lives are on the line and it’s go-time! The heroine is set to make her move - to face her foe or run for all she's worth. Then suddenly, without warning, our previously…
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