R.I.P. Sir Roger Moore

image of Sir Roger Moore

Sad news out today, the passing of Sir Roger Moore. Outside of the Bond films, he acted in a wide variety of genres - westerns, comedies, classics, romance features, and more. Queen Elizabeth II knighted Moore for his humanitarian work with UNICEF in 2003. Our family didn't really go out to movies growing up, so the […]

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NW Natural History – Discover, Uncover, Recover

mountain lakeside northwest phot

July 5 is the unofficial start of summer hereabouts.  Between now and then, as you enjoy the comforting patter of occasional showers (and hail and lightning), explore some of the natural history of our extraordinary region. Eventually, we'll recover from our moldy sodden winter/spring. Apologies to Eastern-leaning folk; this list is a bit Western-centric. Natural History of […]

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Yay, Earth – Earth Day Reads For Adults

Photo of earth from space

Yay, Earth! There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day (April 22), as I'm sure you know.  However you choose to celebrate, if you do choose to celebrate, a good book makes it even better. A few titles are below; the full list can be found on the KCLS Earth Day Reads For Adults booklist.   Replenishing the […]

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On The Lighter Side

horse's head seeming to smile

We've just had our wettest February/March on record. Taxes are due. Flower blooms are late. Politics is... no, never mind. Fortunately, April is National Humor Month. It's also National Fresh Celery Month, but it's harder to create a booklist about fresh celery, so I'm going with humor. The thing is, everyone has a slightly different […]

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Your New East Kent Library Needs You!

two workers at a building construction site

Construction will begin soon on the new East Kent Library! We invite you to offer input about the design and meet the team from Fivedot Architects: Tuesday, March 28, 6:30-8 pm Emerald Park Elementary 11800 SE 216th St Kent, WA 98031

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Leap into Business?

Another way arrow sign, one way arrow sign

I've never started a business and I hope never to try; I marvel at those who do. It has to be one of those big life decision events. If you decide against, perhaps you'll always wonder what could have been. If you decide to leap, it's likely a life-changing rollercoaster ride. Either way, why not get […]

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10 to Try Genre Benders

KCLS recently introduced the 10 to Try reading challenge. One of the reading categories is a genre that you've never read before. Why settle for one when you could double your pleasure with a genre bender? Genre benders are books (or films, music, etc.) that mingle two or more genres, or that place a classic subject into an […]

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Really!?? 2017??!

You gotta be kidding me? Already? I do remember a good bit of 2016 but it really doesn't seem like an entire year has gone by. Given how fast time flies, it might be good for me to pick up a few of these futurist reads (and some video clips here too):     The Singularity Is Near Ray […]

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Remembering Pearl Harbor

  75 years ago, on December 7, 1941, hundreds of Japanese aircraft and ships attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Oahu. 2,403 American sailors, soldiers and civilians died; another 1,178 were wounded. On December 8, Congress declared war on Japan, and a few days later, Germany and Italy declared war on the United […]

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Thin Air, Thick Reads, Part 2

Part 1 The National Outdoor Book Awards (NOBA) are hot off the press!  And 'tis the season - check them out from your local library first, before you buy a copy for that aspiring young dog musher in your family (OK, maybe that's a long shot, but still...). Panelists from across the country judge book nominees, […]

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