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Des Moines

21620 11th Ave. S.
Des Moines, 98198

Open Hours:

  • Monday - Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • 10am-9pm
  • 10am-6pm
  • 10am-5pm
  • 1-5pm
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About the Des Moines Library

Opened: October 15, 1988

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  • 1 Meeting Room
  • Designed by John P. Kniskern, AIA (1965); Hutteball & Oremus Architecture, Inc. (2008 remodel)
  • 10,230 square feet


1922: Des Moines Library is established by a Parent-Teacher Association

1944: KCLS begins bookmobile service to Des Moines

1960: Formation of the Des Moines Library League

1961: Des Moines contracts for KCLS library service

1964: Bond passage funds construction of a 4,584-square-foot library

1965: Opening of a new library at 22815 24th Avenue South

1988: Opening of the expanded 10,230-square-foot library

1994: KCLS annexation

2008: Opening of the remodeled Des Moines Library

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