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STARS Workshops

Attend free STARS (State Training & Registry System) workshops for parents and those who work in childcare and early education.


STARS is a career development system for those who work in childcare and early education. Persons requiring STARS-approved continuing education credit must bring their STARS registration number the day of the workshop to receive credit. Registration begins two weeks prior to the workshop. Adults only!
Please note: seats are released to waiting list attendees fifteen minutes after beginning of class.

The Art of Supporting Early Brain Development

Presented by Linda Crisalli.
Studies show that young children learn best through hands-on exploration and discovery. Explore ways to create an enriched emergent curriculum that facilitates meaningful learning and brain development for preschoolers. Provides 2 STARS credit hours in Curriculum and Learning Environments.
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Movement Matters: BrainDance for Birth to Age 5

Presented by Terry Goetz, School Director of Creative Dance Center.
BrainDance is based on movement patterns that support language and rhythmic development, socio-emotional intelligence, and focuses on creating multi-sensory experiences for young children. Dress comfortably and be prepared to move and have fun. Provides 2 STARS credit hours in Child Growth and Development.
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Healthy Use of Technology for Preschoolers

Presented by Kathy Slattengren, M.Ed., Priceless Parenting.
Preschool age children love screens, but how do you set limits? While screens can be used in ways that are healthy and helpful for young children, parents and caregivers often seek practical guidance to know how to use them to facilitate learning.
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Why Don’t You Think Like I Do?

Presented by Susie Leonard Weller, M.A.
The author of Why Don’t You Understand? Improve Family Communication with the 4 Thinking Styles, presents a workshop on ways to use a whole-brained approach to discipline by exploring 27 ways to provide positive guidance beyond time out. Apply leading-edge brain science to develop more satisfying relationships with children and other adults. Provides 2 STARS credit hours in Interactions.
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Teaching STREAM to Preschoolers

Presented by Linda Crisalli.
Discover ways to infuse STREAM, (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math) into your preschool environment and curriculum in ways that are developmentally appropriate, meaningful, and support school readiness. Provides 2 STARS credit hours in Program Planning and Development or Interactions.
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