Guidelines for Distribution

King County Library System distributes promotional materials for nonprofit (501.c3) organizations upon request. Community information and free literature will be located in designated areas by local library management and not in other areas of the library.

Due to limited space, for materials we ask that you comply with the guidelines aligned below.
Materials must be submitted to the KCLS Shipping Center in Preston and addressed as follows:

KCLS Materials Distribution
I-90/Preston Industrial Park, Bldg. 2
8114 304th Avenue SE
Preston, WA 98050
If mailing, send to:
KCLS Materials Distribution
PO Box 398
Preston, WA 98050

Materials must be bundled separately and labeled for each library.

(Each bundle not to exceed dimensions of 9.5”W x 13”L.)

Posters must be rolled separately for each library (each roll not to exceed 11”x17”).

For distribution to 44 community libraries, provide these quantities based on library category.
Please refer to listing on the back:
10 (Category A): Accepts only local community information (5 mile radius),
each bundle not to exceed 9.5”W x 13”L x 1/2” depth
14 (Category B): Each bundle not to exceed 9.5”W x 13”L x 1” depth
12 (Category C): Each bundle not to exceed 9.5”W x 13”L x 2” depth
8 (Category D): Each bundle not to exceed 9.5”W x 13”L x 3” depth

Keep in mind that these dimensions describe maximum quantities; you may send less.

For distribution to select libraries, label each bundle with the library name and follow guidelines for that library’s category (see list, (PDF) Libraries: Categories A, B, C & D).

To distribute one copy per library, send 33 and any of the 10 libraries that can take local only (state or national OK) copies in one bundle with instructions.

Submitted materials that do not meet these guidelines will be recycled.

Contact: Kristi, Community Relations, 425.369.3466,

Materials must be submitted to KCLS Shipping Center in Preston.
Do not drop off materials at individual libraries or Service Center;
they will be recycled.

Driving Directions: I-90 East to Preston exit #22, turn left over freeway, take next right and then next left, staying left to enter I-90 Industrial Park. KCLS Shipping Center is located in the first building on the left, Bldg. 2. Loading docks at #8114.

Drop-off or mail delivery received (Monday–Friday, 8am-3pm & Saturday,
7:30am-1pm.) Closed holidays. Must unload at an open dock. Sign-in required when dropping off materials.

These guidelines cover all unsolicited materials distributed through KCLS. The library reserves the right to order additional copies of the same and/or oversized materials for individual libraries.