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Gamer Alert: Read-Alikes For Your Favorite Games


My favorite video games are like my favorite books - Full immersion, unique characters, and LOTS of action. When I beat a game that I was hoping would never end, I look to books to bring me back to captivating worlds like the ones I enjoyed exploring in-game. The books (and movies) below should help […]

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Smaller-Scale Standalone Fantasy Novels

my real children

Fantasy is my thing, but sometimes I just can't handle another multi-book saga-- especially if I have to wait for the rest of the series to be released! The epicness that often comes with reading my genre of choice, both in the length of the series and the sheer scale of it all, can be a bit overwhelming. When I need […]

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Join Readers Worldwide for the Big Library Read!

Image shows a tablet and smartphone. The tablet has a book cover image that shows a woman in a white dress turned away; the tablet shows an ebook website.

There's one week left to join readers all over the world in this summer's Big Library Read!  In case you missed Hope's full rundown of the Big Library Read last week, here's the quick and dirty version: it's a digital book club for public libraries that makes one eBook instantly available to anyone with a […]

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Reading….It’s Not Just For Kids!

It's summertime! Even now as an adult summer evokes the idea of relaxation and rest. It’s time to slow down and take time to enjoy things that make us happy. Here in the Pacific Northwest summer is especially great as it is such a spectacular time of year. July and August are the reason many of […]

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