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Science Fiction Double Feature!

See androids fighting (ooh ooh ooh) Brad and Janet Anne Francis stars in (ooh ooh ooh) Forbidden Planet Whoa oh oh oh oh oh At the late night, double feature, picture show Did you catch the new Rocky Horror Picture Show when it aired on FOX October 20th? Of course you did! With a stellar cast-- […]

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Humans of Libraryland: Queen of Teens

Photo credit: flickr user Jason Taellious

Hello and welcome to another edition of Humans of Libraryland! Are you ready to learn the deepest, darkest secrets of your local library staff? Well, buckle up and keep your tray tables in the upright and locked position because we're about to take off on a library adventure! This week, we're featuring a very special […]

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How do you KNOW it’s a hoax? (or: How to outsmart the Internet)

Animals laughing

Whether it's the latest rumor about Facebook stealing your photos or the warning you got from a friend-of-a-friend about razerblades in the Hallowe'en candy, how do you know if it's bogus, outdated, or just plain wrong?   Here are few tips to help you OUTSMART THE INTERNET: 1. Consider the distance from the source, (or: Where did […]

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Presidential Debates Over- What Now?


With the presidential election coming up on November 8th, there's still plenty of time to obsess over this poll and that poll. I prefer to spend my time worrying about the current and near future Supreme Court vacancies. After all, a presidential term (even two) is a drop in the bucket compared to the lifetime appointment […]

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