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YA Books To Help You Survive Your Winter Break

The two weeks of winter break are fast approaching and if you're looking for a way to pass the long, dark, cold hours I suggest you check out one of these winter or holiday-inspired books. Each book is set during the winter months and pairs perfectly with a cup of something hot. From tree decorating, […]

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Never Be Scammed by Fake News Again


A few years ago, a gentleman came to the desk at the Mercer Island Library and declared, “We really don’t need libraries anymore—we have Google to find everything we need.” I didn’t ask why he was in the library—perhaps it was for the drinking fountain or the vending machines. Please pass the word—the library is […]

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Want to Launch a Rocket into Space?

Source: KerbalEDU media kit at

This winter, tweens and teens can learn how to build and launch a rocket into orbit at KCLS libraries thanks to funding from the KCLS Foundation. Am I talking about real rockets that are hundreds of feet tall? No. I'm talking about virtual rockets that you can build in the computer game Kerbal Space Program. It's got little green men […]

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This is Your Library

To our KCLS community: This has been a challenging year. Elections are often difficult, and this year's Presidential campaign was especially so. Although voting is over, the results have divided many people, pitting neighbor against neighbor, even friend against friend. In the midst of this, we often lose our ability to have civil dialog about […]

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