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Decluttering vs. Organizing Your Home


Earlier this month The New York Times Magazine published an article that discusses the extremely popular KonMari decluttering method. Unlike many other articles, this profile doesn't just focus on the particulars of Marie Kondo's tidying philosophies. It also delves into the differences and tensions between organizers like Kondo, who advocates that people discard all items […]

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Coming Together at the Library

We are living in very challenging times. Almost daily it seems there’s another atrocity occurring, sometimes far away and sometimes frighteningly close. Given our 24-hour news cycle and the constant ‘ping’ of social media, it is easy to be overwhelmed. It’s a time when many of us feel like we should be doing something but […]

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Nuclear Wessels in the Sky

Photo credit: flickr user Heather McCall

I was shocked when I heard that Anton Yelchin, the 27-year-old actor portraying Mr. Chekov in the rebooted Star Trek franchise, died in a freak car accident in June. It seems like all we get is bad news chasing after worse news. What's going on, 2016? Feeling that I'd really had my fill of writing […]

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Get Ready For – “Suicide Squad”

Okay, I know that I've hyped a lot of summer movies so far this year, and I always say I'm super-excited to see them. Those were, perhaps, lies. At least in comparison to the hype I feel for this movie: DC Comics' "Suicide Squad." OMG, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I've been waiting for this movie for […]

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