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A Very Unfortunate Book List

count olaf looks through a spyglass at orphans

On the most unlucky day of Friday the 13th a television series premiered on Netflix depicting the tribulations (the word 'tribulations' means a state of great trouble or suffering) of the unfortunate Baudelaire orphans. If you tuned in expecting a nice little television show with puppies, rainbows and a happy ending then you were sorely disappointed. […]

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Stay Golden: Spend 2017 with the Girls

Golden Girls Forever

The Golden Girls is like mac-and-cheese. Whenever I’m stressed or depressed, it’s my go-to pick-me-up. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for nights with my grandma, eating ice cream and watching the newest episode (It’s been a whole other show watching as an adult!). Or maybe it’s the timeless humor and continuing relevance of the show’s themes. […]

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Most Popular Kids’ Fiction of 2016 at KCLS

Banner reads "Most Popular Kids' Fiction 2016" in front of background of book covers.

We treat the kids' list a little differently, because so many of our most popular kids' books are part of series! Instead of giving you the 10 most popular overall, we've compiled with 10 most popular with books from the same series removed, so you'll see the top title in each big series (instead of […]

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One and Done Fantasy

giant book with chair and tree inside

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all fantasy readers must be in search of the next big series. Well, not I! Although I dearly love fantasy, I do lose steam after one too many books in the same storyline. After working my way through the first seven (there are 17 total) books in Terry […]

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Most Popular Teen Fiction of 2016 at KCLS

Banner reads "Most Popular Teen Fiction 2016" in front of background of book covers.

KCLS has an abundance of awesome teen fiction titles, but even with so many options available some items inevitably rise to the top of the popularity rankings. The most popular teen fiction books of 2016 include some perennial favorites as well as a couple of new hits. Take a look at the list to see […]

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