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Gamer Alert: Read-Alikes For Your Favorite Games


My favorite video games are like my favorite books - Full immersion, unique characters, and LOTS of action. When I beat a game that I was hoping would never end, I look to books to bring me back to captivating worlds like the ones I enjoyed exploring in-game. The books (and movies) below should help […]

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Get Ready For – “Suicide Squad”

Okay, I know that I've hyped a lot of summer movies so far this year, and I always say I'm super-excited to see them. Those were, perhaps, lies. At least in comparison to the hype I feel for this movie: DC Comics' "Suicide Squad." OMG, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I've been waiting for this movie for […]

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Humans of Libraryland

Photo credit: flickr user Jason Taellious

Have you ever wondered about the good folks that help you out at the library? What's the job title of the person out in the stacks shelving books? Do we really get to sit around and read all day? What are we thinking about when we're staring blankly at our computer screens? Well wonder no […]

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Get Ready For – “Ghostbusters”

1271033 - THE WALK

When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? These gals! YAY! It's probably apocryphal that Bill Murray came up with the idea of an all-female "Ghostbusters" cast for the long-awaited third movie of the franchise but we do know that he likes the idea, and possibly had a hand in picking some […]

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Two Truths and a Lie

A creek flowing through yellow woods.

No. Not about squid. (Though Mollusca is my favorite phylum.) About books and media. So:  two truths and a lie about when reading book isn't better than a watching the movie (or listening to the audio  book). And by better, I mean, "I'll actually skip the book, and go straight to the media for any re-reads." Like that movie adaptation […]

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