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Coming Together at the Library

We are living in very challenging times. Almost daily it seems there’s another atrocity occurring, sometimes far away and sometimes frighteningly close. Given our 24-hour news cycle and the constant ‘ping’ of social media, it is easy to be overwhelmed. It’s a time when many of us feel like we should be doing something but […]

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Read this, watch this, hear this: #BlackLivesMatter


There's no easy way to digest what we're seeing in the news right now, and, at times, even the thought of doing so can be really daunting. There are (more than) a couple of ways that we can handle this overwhelming feeling: While some of us have the privilege to ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist, hide from […]

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A little mystery with your opera?

Teatro La Fenice

A couple of years ago, my opera-going, mystery-reading friend, Jack, said he couldn't believe that I, as a mystery reader, had never read Donna Leon's long-running  Guido Brunetti Mystery series, set in Venice. Yeah, yeah, Jack.  Well-known though the series might be (the 25th book in the series, The Waters of Eternal Youth, was published this year). I had too many other […]

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Family Reunion


Summer is here and it's time to barbecue, travel, and reconnect with family and friends. In fact, July is actually National Family Reunion Month. To prepare yourself for some quality time with the ones you love (or for something to do when you get a chance for some much needed alone time :), here are […]

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