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Gamer Alert: Read-Alikes For Your Favorite Games


My favorite video games are like my favorite books - Full immersion, unique characters, and LOTS of action. When I beat a game that I was hoping would never end, I look to books to bring me back to captivating worlds like the ones I enjoyed exploring in-game. The books (and movies) below should help […]

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Read this, watch this, hear this: #BlackLivesMatter

hands up don't shoot

There's no easy way to digest what we're seeing in the news right now, and, at times, even the thought of doing so can be really daunting. There are (more than) a couple of ways that we can handle this overwhelming feeling: While some of have the privilege to ignore it, pretend it doesn't exist, hide from it, […]

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Family Reunion


Summer is here and it's time to barbecue, travel, and reconnect with family and friends. In fact, July is actually National Family Reunion Month. To prepare yourself for some quality time with the ones you love (or for something to do when you get a chance for some much needed alone time :), here are […]

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Join Readers Worldwide for the Big Library Read!

Image shows a tablet and smartphone. The tablet has a book cover image that shows a woman in a white dress turned away; the tablet shows an ebook website.

There's one week left to join readers all over the world in this summer's Big Library Read!  In case you missed Hope's full rundown of the Big Library Read last week, here's the quick and dirty version: it's a digital book club for public libraries that makes one eBook instantly available to anyone with a […]

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