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Most Popular Kids’ Fiction of 2016 at KCLS

Banner reads "Most Popular Kids' Fiction 2016" in front of background of book covers.

We treat the kids' list a little differently, because so many of our most popular kids' books are part of series! Instead of giving you the 10 most popular overall, we've compiled with 10 most popular with books from the same series removed, so you'll see the top title in each big series (instead of […]

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Most Popular Teen Fiction of 2016 at KCLS

Banner reads "Most Popular Teen Fiction 2016" in front of background of book covers.

KCLS has an abundance of awesome teen fiction titles, but even with so many options available some items inevitably rise to the top of the popularity rankings. The most popular teen fiction books of 2016 include some perennial favorites as well as a couple of new hits. Take a look at the list to see […]

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10 to Try: Women in Science

Hidden Figures - movie edition jacket

Did you see the movie Hidden Figures this weekend? Are you participating in our 10 to Try challenge this year? One category we have been challenged to read is STEM (that stands for science, technology, engineering and math). To help provide you with some good choices I have assembled here a brief introduction to three […]

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TV to Print: Fictional Books Get Real

TV shows and movies inspire books all the time. But the titles in this post are something a little different. They are not just translations of a show into book form. Instead, they are books that do not exist except in the fiction of a feature film or TV show until suddenly, now we too can […]

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Westworld Fans: Try These While You Wait!

The logo for the HBO TV series Westworld

Season 1 of Westworld took me on a twisted thrill ride, so enduring until the release of season 2 in 2018 is going to be painful. If you're suffering like me, try one of these titles to ease your discomfort: Want more sci-fi/western-themed television? Try Firefly, a spicy space western with cult status that was cancelled too soon. FireflyBibWidget […]

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